Delivering Manufacturing Innovation


Given the rapid pace of business, companies are not always afforded the time to research new manufacturing or machining technologies and methodologies, let alone implement them and train their staff.

Fortunately, the NCDMM is able to leverage the resources of its vast partner network to help companies get the training they need. Through NCDMM’s partnerships, manufacturing training and technology awareness programs are available to keep manufacturers, suppliers, and their employees on the cutting edge of advanced technologies.

The training offerings available through our partners provide the tools and information for companies to properly implement new technology and gain a competitive advantage. Participants in these training programs return to their jobs with an enhanced understanding of practical ways to improve the quality and productivity of their operations while reducing costs.

Training is typically offered onsite at partner facilities or as open enrollment offerings in various locations. Many of the programs consist of classroom instruction, which explains the theory behind a manufacturing technology by using demonstrations, and/or hands-on activities for participants to practically apply what they have learned.

For more information on how the NCDMM and its partners can empower your employees by training them on the latest manufacturing and machining technologies and methodologies, contact Amy Good at or 724-539-4796.



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