Delivering Manufacturing Innovation

Supply Chain Management

Today, defense manufacturing is being further extended throughout enterprise supply networks. As networks expand beyond the walls and the shores of system providers, supplier discovery and management becomes even more critical and increasingly difficult.

At the NCDMM, we are acutely aware and concerned about the long-term viability and competitiveness of the U.S. industrial base as manufacturers and suppliers struggle to manage and control enterprise supply networks. More importantly, we also understand how to overcome the challenges and complexities posed by defense enterprise supply networks.

The optimization of the Total Supply Chain in the Defense Industry is to deliver the right materials, to the right job shop or end user, at the right time, in the right condition, paying the right price.  The NCDMM is capable of conducting a detailed supply chain analysis of a customer’s manufacturing operations and support systems.  This service leverages past supply chain assessments and benchmarking efforts.  Recommendations resulting from the analysis assists customers in the development of an optimal supply chain.

Additionally, NCDMM has partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology – Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP) to provide supplier assessments and scorecard ratings, designed to specific outsourcer specifications.  The data generated during the assessments is made available in a supplier matrix ranking the outsourcer’s suppliers against six different key performance indicators which include quality, management system, cost & delivery, safety & environment, and technical data package management.

We are committed to offering supply chain analysis as a means of providing the manufacturing sector with a resource to manage the extended enterprise and compete within the defense sector.

For more information on how the NCDMM can help improve your supply chain effectiveness or visibility, contact John Wilczynski at or 724-539-5352.