Delivering Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing Engineering


It may not be possible from a business model or profitability perspective for manufacturers to possess all of the manufacturing and/or machining capabilities and technology in-house needed to compete for or execute a given project or program. Yet finding a trusted expert with the background and partners capable of providing the necessary guidance and know-how can be an arduous and time-consuming undertaking.

The NCDMM possesses the expertise, knowledge, tools, and a vast partner network to help companies improve and/or augment their available manufacturing engineering services to compete, win, and execute defense contracts.

Our manufacturing engineering services focus on first conducting in-depth assessments of the current operational and technological state, then identifying key issues, and finally transitioning to the appropriate solution, partnership, or technology innovation. Our proven methodology process—Assess, Develop, Demonstrate, Implement, and Train—enables us to formulate a custom and distinctive approach or solution.

Through our Alliance Partners and Manufacturing Consortium, we have created a broad network of organizations that bring an enormous amount of manufacturing technology and defense industry expertise. Their experience can be leveraged and directly applied to the manufacturing and machining issues faced by defense manufacturers and suppliers today.

The NCDMM has extensive in-house knowledge and depth regarding a wide variety of manufacturing areas, including:

  • Assessments
  • Automation
  • Conventional Machining
  • Design Engineering
  • Inspection, Testing, and Quality Assurance
  • Materials
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Training and Technology Awareness

For more information on how the NCDMM can help take your manufacturing engineering capabilities to the next level, contact Randy Gilmore at or 724-539-5326.