Delivering Manufacturing Innovation


The NCDMM provides manufacturing and engineering support for a variety of maritime systems. These systems are critical to the U.S. military and the commercial shipbuilding industry.

Throughout both the naval and commercial maritime industry, there exists a need for current, as well as future, vessels to perform in the field longer. Moreover, as life expectancy requirements continue to increase, the total supply chain and all supporting components must also operate at maximum efficiency and life expectancy.

The NCDMM, working with its Alliance Partners and Manufacturing Consortium, continues to make significant contributions to the maritime industry at both the build and operational levels. At the build phase, our manufacturing and engineering solutions have enabled our customers to deploy state-of-the-art techniques to inspect propulsion shafts, evaluate advanced joining processes, and improve various shipyard maintenance activities. In fact, by implementing advanced inspection technologies on propulsion shafts, the Navy’s 72-man-hour inspection process was reduced to a 24-man-hour process. Additionally, machining times across various build operations have been reduced by at least 50 percent to as much as 80 percent.

For operating vessels, our work has facilitated a decrease in the total cost of ownership of every associated vessel thanks to the inclusion of our advanced technologies, manufacturing processes, and inspection practices into a number of maritime applications.

Whether we’re maintaining an aging fleet or developing advanced manufacturing processes for future vessels, our dynamic staff produces substantial results that contribute to a strong, technologically advanced maritime fleet and industry.

If you require manufacturing support or have a particular challenge as it relates to the maritime industry that you would like to discuss with the NCDMM team, please contact John Wilczynski at or 724-539-5352.




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