Delivering Manufacturing Innovation

Land Systems

The NCDMM possesses extensive experience in providing manufacturing solutions to support all land systems critical to ground readiness of the U.S. military. Our highly trained engineers have made contributions to the current fleet of deployed land vehicles operating in harm’s way, as well as tomorrow’s land vehicles still in the development process. As such, our engineers are uniquely qualified to anticipate and understand the evolving needs of the land systems sector and quickly respond with solutions.

For example, we have helped solve the challenges associated with the use of such new materials as up-armor, titanium, Inconel, and many variations of composites that are currently being implemented into land systems in an effort to make them stronger, lighter, and more fuel efficient.

Additionally, our solutions improve part quality, increase part life expectancy, decrease lead times, and reduce costs. In fact, to date we have generated $13.5 million in combined savings on two land systems initiatives.

Whether we’re assisting with a redesign of a component, programming a new machining process, or developing a completely new manufacturing process, the NCDMM, working with our Alliance Partners and Manufacturing Consortium, is committed to the advancement of new manufacturing technologies that keep our warfighters safe.

We are proud to have provided manufacturing solutions for many land systems, including the Avenger, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, HMMWV, Abrams Tank, Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, and Towed Howitzer, just to name a few.

If you require manufacturing support or have a particular challenge as it relates to the land systems sector that you would like to discuss with the NCDMM team, please contact Gary Fleegle at or 724-539-1361.


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