Delivering Manufacturing Innovation

Aerospace Innovations

The following are some of our contributions within the Aerospace industry:


Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) Machining

Innovation: Developed an advanced cutting tool solution that efficiently machined thin walls at a faster rate with no tool chatter.

Impact: Increased productivity by 100%.

Black Hawk Driveshaft Drilling

Innovation: Implemented one shot drilling for driveshaft

Impact: Increased productivity and reduced costs

Ceramic Machining Evaluation

Innovation: Machine ceramic materials in their bisque state with PCD tooling.

Impact: Reduced operation time by 90%, reduced labor costs, and increased competitiveness of ceramic components.

CH-53 Gun Yoke

Innovation: Modal analysis determines optimum machining parameters

Impact: Roughing time reduced by 85%

Development of Advanced Carbide for Nickel-Based Alloy Machining for Turbine Engines

Innovation: Optimized substrate, tool geometry and coating

Impact: Increased productivity by 40%

F-16 HARM Targeting Pod

Innovation: Reduced set-up time and locating effort by adding a fourth axis rotary table.

Impact: Reduce Costs by $95K.

F-35 Aluminum Composite Stack Drilling

Innovation: New drill geometry and process optimization.

Impact: Better quality and increased productivity.

F-35 Composite Edge of Part Machining

Innovation: Developed longer life more efficient tooling to eliminate edge delamination.

Impact: Cost Savings/cost avoidance of $222.6M over the projected F-35 build.

Global Hawk Strut

Innovation: Implemented new drilling technology and process tehniques

Impact: Improved roughing operation time by 85%

Machining of Aerospace Grade Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Innovation: Utilized correct tool geometry and cutter substrate for effective machining

Impact: Increased tool lift by 200-300%

Optimized Airframe Structure

Innovation: Efficiently machined topology structure designs

Impact: 15% weight reduction of structure components

Platform Machining Evaluation

Innovation: Advanced machining techniques and tool path optimization

Impact: Reduced platform weight by 30%

Seal Ring for F-18 Hornet

Innovation: Optimized cutting tools and machining parameters

Impact: Improved quality with cost savings of $150k

Sikorsky Main Rotor Bearing

Innovation: Reducing tool usage from 21 tools to 13.

Impact: 50% reduction in parts handling.

T55 Compressor Rotor Turn Time Reduction – Phase I

Innovation: Reduced set-up time and analyzed alternatives

Impact: Reduced processing time; increased throughput

Transparent Calibrated Moisture Boot for UH-60 Pitch Trim Actuator

Innovation: Design and develop a single cavity injection mold configured to produce a transparent boot

Impact: Reduced the number of servicable Pitch Trim Actuators turned in for overhaul prematurely by 20%; Cost savings of over $20M for the life of the program

UH-60 BIM Blanket Tap Test Evaluation

Innovation: Implement laser shearography techniques for inspection

Impact: 10X increase of inspection productivity