Delivering Manufacturing Innovation


At the NCDMM, our staff, Alliance Partners, and Manufacturing Consortium have a proven record of providing manufacturing solutions for a variety of aerospace applications. Our expertise spans all elements of aerospace platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft, and ground support equipment.

We deliver solutions that result in cost savings and performance enhancements in all of these aerospace application areas. Most notably, we helped to achieve a cost savings/cost avoidance of more than $222 million during the course of the F-35 build.

Other previous successful efforts have included the replacement of costly, custom designed components with commercially available components and the development of machining technologies for advanced aerospace materials like composites for flight systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

In recent years, the use of UAVs has escalated as a means of providing greater battlefield awareness and reducing the risk of loss of or damage to manned aircraft. As UAV usage has increased, so too has the demand for more reliable UAVs that offer longer service life between maintenance intervals.

NCDMM assists in this ongoing effort by providing expertise in identifying alternative materials and manufacturing methods to produce replacement components that possess higher performance characteristics—often at a reduced unit cost. We also aid in the evaluation of wear characteristics, correction of failure modes, and the development of next-generation technologies for UAVs.


Since military rotorcraft assets are now required to perform extended deployments in harsh environments in support of ongoing military operations, it has been necessary to improve maintenance procedures and develop preventative measures to combat premature wear of flight critical components. We have been at the forefront of this effort by providing solutions for extending operational life, incorporating wear-resistant materials, and delivering manufacturing strategies for more durable, lower cost rotorcraft components.

Fixed Wing

Operational costs associated with fixed-wing aircraft are directly impacted by such factors as aircraft weight and engine operating temperature. The NCDMM has developed and delivered manufacturing innovations for both structural and engine components to the military, as well as commercial customers.

The advent of lightweight, highly temperature resistant materials now offers significant improvements to be made to structural components. For example, the lightweight and high strength nature of today’s available materials are replacing the heavier, nickel-based alloys used in turbine engine components, enabling turbines to operate at higher turbine temperatures, which improves fuel economy.


If you require manufacturing support or have a particular challenge as it relates to the aerospace industry that you would like to discuss with the NCDMM team, please contact Randy Gilmore at or 724-539-5326.

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