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Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (AME)

Throughout recent years, manufacturers have greatly improved their operational efficiency. However, as manufacturing has been driven down the supply chain, issues have surfaced regarding the need for more manufacturing efficiency, specifically improving the accuracy and timely transfer of product information and manufacturing data through the extended enterprise.

At the NCDMM, we understand that operational efficiency and adopting best practices won’t on their own translate into greater market efficiency or increased value. Overall productivity and producibility are the measurable standards against which all improvement initiatives are quantified.

Our Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (AME) focus area encompasses the technologies, processes, and practices that foster rapid, superior execution of manufacturing enterprises across the lifecycle. These are issues that occur “above the factory floor,” or overall processes.

The scope of AME includes:

  • Model-based tools and approaches that optimize producibility during early design and support standard data environments for lifecycle support;
  • Network-centric manufacturing capabilities that facilitate resilient and adaptable supply chains;
  • Intelligent manufacturing planning and factory execution that optimize productivity; and
  • Modeling and simulation capabilities that advance business practices.

Our AME activities address the technologies and practices to fully realize defense and industry-wide use of manufacturing readiness tools and processes, including design for producibility and sustainability. Actions to assist in improving defense manufacturing infrastructures and workforces are also within scope.

As a result of our AME initiatives, the NCDMM enables customers to improve shop workflow, empower the workforce with advanced skill sets, reduce cutting times, and increase material utilization as a way to decrease waste and reduce costs.

If you require manufacturing support or have a particular challenge as it relates to AME that you would like to discuss with the NCDMM team, please contact John Wilczynski at or 724-539-6769.

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