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Randy Gilmore

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Randy Gilmore joined NCDMM in 2011 as Senior Program Manager and in January 2012 he was appointed to NCDMM’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. As Senior Program Manager, Mr. Gilmore was responsible for the Aerospace Program Group. Drawing on his¬†background in optics and lasers, Mr. Gilmore has also been involved in a number of missile related projects.

Prior to joining NCDMM, Mr. Gilmore was Corporate Director of Technology at The Ex One Company. Mr. Gilmore has more than 30 years of experience in the field of nontraditional machining techniques and government program management. He has an extensive background as Program Manager for several programs, including a NAVAIR program for the development of laser marking technologies for ceramic matrix composite components for aerospace turbine engine applications, an Army Research Laboratory program for the development of short pulse laser systems for military applications, another Army program for the development of light-weight castings for structural metal castings and powder metal parts, and a Navy program for the development and implementation of Rapid Casting Technologies at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center for digital manufacture of sand molds and cores to produce castings representative of typical, low quantity DdD metal castings required during legacy defense systems refurbishment and repair.

Additionally, Mr. Gilmore was previously involved with the development, design, manufacture and support of orbital, ultrasonic and laser machining systems. He designed and built a new generation of ultrasonic machining systems as part of the Manufacturing Technology Development effort sponsored by the United States Air Force. He was also responsible for the development and design of orbital abrasive flow polishing systems. Among the commercial successes have been a fully automated polishing cell for use at the United States Mint in San Francisco for polishing of proof coin dies, a semi-automated system for polishing of blow molds used in the manufacture of PET bottles and a fully automated system for the polishing of prosthetic devices.

Mr. Gilmore was educated at the University of North Carolina where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. He holds several patents and has numerous publications in his fields of expertise. He also has been an invited speaker at national and international symposiums on finishing and non-traditional machining and serves as an advisor to the National Science Foundation.

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